What not to wear: 5 things that repel money

Что нельзя носить в кошельке: 5 вещей, которые отталкивают деньги

The wallet is able to attract to the owner of the money power. Those who care about their own well-being, it is important to know what things not to keep in your purse, in order not to lose wealth and to avoid problems with finances, writes dailyhoro.

Purse attracting money, you need to choose carefully. To serve faithfully, it is possible to speak, put it in a strong cash talisman, and not to give it into the hands of strangers.

In addition, the purse need to be kept clean, do not store folded bills and the more rumpled look.

Experts suggest learning about what things in the wallet can cause cash outflows.

  1. Bank cards.

The convenience of a wallet is that it can keep absolutely all the cards, but should not do it for two reasons.

First, the loss or theft of the wallet will result in a big headache.

Restoring all of the cards can take a long time and cause temporary difficulties with money.

Secondly, energy cards can make disharmony, especially if the wallet is stored payroll and credit cards.

Debt on the map can become a cause of cash outflow, because cash energy cranky.

  1. Garbage.

Any receipts, tickets, candy wrappers and other papers litter the purse, making it untidy and it difficult to find money during shopping.

In addition, any trash affects the money power will not improve the image.

The clutter in the wallet leads to trouble with finances, because money is like a respectful attitude.

Those who have the habit to put the purse in paper waste, often unlucky, and such a dismissive attitude makes it impossible to accumulate the required amount or find a good source of income.

  1. Photos.

Money have the ability to transmit information and energy, and that means the purse can be bills or coins that have passed through the hands of people with ill intentions.

In this regard, keep photos of loved ones is not recommended due to possible negative impact on them. It is not excluded that after carrying photos in your wallet of the person depicted in the picture, the problems begin with the finances.

It is best to protect yourself and loved ones, shifting the photo into the inside pocket of clothing or in a different place.

Another reason not to carry photos in your wallet may be the outflow of Finance.

Photos of loved ones who have recently had financial problems, better put, to prevent possible trouble with personal savings.

  1. Icons.

To store the icons in the wallet is not considered a sin, but it’s better to find Holy images more suitable place.

As practice shows, storing the icons in the wallet will not protect money from theft or waste.

Believers should offer up a prayer to the Higher powers, to avoid trouble with finances.

It will be enough to carry the cross and to believe that trouble will be a party.

  1. Keys.

Loss of keys together with wallet can lead to big trouble.

In addition, the keys often induce damage or the evil eye, thus dooming the owner to the difficulties of life, including finances.

Keeping keys in a purse is not worth due to the fact that the money power can engage them in conflict.

Что нельзя носить в кошельке: 5 вещей, которые отталкивают деньги

Что нельзя носить в кошельке: 5 вещей, которые отталкивают деньги