What part of the chicken is considered the most useful and which the most harmful

Какая часть курицы считается самой полезной, а какая - самой вредной

Numerous publications on the Internet frighten us, and tell all sorts of horrific stories about broilers. According to them, the chickens full of water several times, frozen and even filled with hormones and other chemicals. We won’t talk about it today, but we will discuss the nutrients that are contained in each piece of chicken.

A great advantage of chickens is that it is a good source of protein and contains a lot of calories.

Breast fillets have the least fat content and contain the fewest main enemy of the heart and blood vessels cholesterol.

Although chicken liver contains more protein and is rich in vitamin B12, iron and copper, it contains more fat and total cholesterol.

Chicken legs compared to other parts, rich in calories and fats and protein in smaller quantities.

Most inappropriate for the diet are chicken wings. They are the most harmful part, with minimal meat content and high in fat. They are often served fried and high-calorie sauces, and thus, they turn into a calorie bomb, not very useful for our health.