What place Russia occupies in the European ranking of sales

Какое место Россия занимает в европейском рейтинге автопродаж

Despite the slight drop in April, the Russian market managed to maintain fifth place in the European ranking of sales of passenger transport. First place went to Germany, where for the past month realized a 310 715 cars.

The largest European market dipped by 1.1% compared to the same period last year. Second place with the big backlog has occupied France, where the dealers put into the hands of customers 188 197 machinery (+0,4%). Three leaders closes the Italy with the figure of 174 412 vehicles (+1.5 percent).

According to the Association of European car manufacturers (ACEA), followed by the United Kingdom, where he found their owners 158 477 new cars (-5,6%). It is worth noting that EU producers do not take into account in the rating of Russian sales. But if we take into account only the bare figures, the domestic market is in the fifth paragraph.

Recall that we have cars, according to “AUTOSTAT”, during the reporting time has sold approximately 137 000 copies. Traditionally the leader was the LADA c volume 32 316 units.

I should add that with this in mind the Spanish market, where he sold 119 417 units (+2.6 percent), got sixth place.