What Polish politicians distract, recording all Ukrainians Nazis

От чего польские политики отвлекают внимание, записывая всех украинцев в нацисты

The constitutional court of Poland recognized the phrase “Ukrainian nationalists” and “Eastern Poland” in the so-called law on banderizm – unconstitutional. Therefore, suspended this provision.

This law 2018, caused a scandal. Since, according to him, criminal liability. In particular, the denial of crimes “Ukrainian nationalists”.

Gradually Poland from a lawyer for Ukraine began to turn to the Prosecutor. However, the atmosphere of hatred that there inflated, harming, first of all, Poland itself. Whom it can be hand – recognized journalists of channel 24.

Banderizm should be pursued, as well as the SS and other Nazi organizations

– shouted from the rostrum of the Polish Sejm Deputy Marek Jakubiak.

26 Jan 2018. The Polish Sejm kriminalisiert statements about the involvement of poles in the Holocaust, as well as the promotion of the so-called “Bandera ideology” actions of the OUN and UPA. The maximum penalty for the offenders or three years imprisonment. The President of Poland Andrzej Duda supported this law.

And here the constitutional court of Poland, the phrase “Ukrainian nationalists” and “Eastern Poland”, as the document is called the Western lands, ruled unconstitutional, they say, they are incorrect. Therefore, the effect of this paragraph in the law was suspended.

We will not allow anyone to interpret our history and try – the main thing – to try to impose a different interpretation of history, but engage in a substantive discussion is necessary. The CC decision gives us other possibilities for speakers

– said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

Historians are sure that recording of all Ukrainians are Nazis, Polish politicians distract thus attention from xenophobia in their own country. Ukrainians in Poland, became victims of attacks because of their nationality. And yet the government is trying to divert the electorate from the constant conflicts with the European Union. And historical myths to work best.

Individuals who this issue are interested, the older generation, but, unfortunately, younger too. This is not due to their historical memory… This is due to their sense of loss, market realities, social perspectives, and they are looking for themselves in the ideas,

– said the historian tamás Streak.

Moreover, anti-Ukrainian hysteria constantly balloons party “law and Justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski. It was his submission in the summer of 2016, the Seimas adopted a resolution in which the events in Volhynia in July 1943, recognized the genocide of poles by Ukrainians. This wave of Polish filmmakers making a movie “Volyn”. In it Ukrainians depict violent fascists.

The current Polish government absolutely does not react to these manifestations of xenophobia in society. Moreover, very often their otmuchivaniem and lack of response, we can say that this power that indulges,

– added the leader of the “Euromaidan Warsaw” Natalia Panchenko.

And the murder of the mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich example of this. The General atmosphere of hatred allowed to openly threaten the mayor, who supported Ukraine.

In particular, because of this, in the summer of 2017, the Polish nationalists from the organization “sapolsky Youth” published on the Internet “Act of political death of Pavel Adamovich”. Then the Prosecutor’s office saw in it a crime. The organization that published the document still exists, and Pavel Adamovich on January 19 was buried at a cemetery in Gdansk.

“First of all, it struck one not a party, and hooked and society. Because struck and killed becomes the mayor of a big city, which was with specific values and fulfil their duties,” – said the former Deputy foreign Minister of Poland Pavel Koval.

And only after the murder of the mayor, the Polish police began to detain people who are on social networks have called for aggressive action. Of the threats concerned the mayors and politicians with liberal views, also fall to the representatives of other Nations: Ukrainians, Germans, Jews.

От чего польские политики отвлекают внимание, записывая всех украинцев в нацисты

От чего польские политики отвлекают внимание, записывая всех украинцев в нацисты