What popular drinks are the “enemies” of weight loss – 24 Channel

Які популярні напої є "ворогами" схуднення - 24 Канал

Scientists from the University of Philadelphia found that any of the selected diet may be effective for acute and prolonged weight loss if adhered to the main rule is virtually to renounce alcoholic beverages.

It is reported by EurekAlert!.

The scientists analyzed 4 thousand people who have struggled with excess weight. Scientists came to the conclusion that even small “failures” in abstinence from alcohol have a minimal effect on the effect of the diets.


If the alcohol is constantly consumed, the effect of diets do not.

The researchers found that the “cumulative” effect from alcohol will allow you to achieve significant results within four years after the complete rejection of alcohol.

The researchers concluded that alcohol consumption destroys the whole effect of the diet.


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