What Putin plans for the Donbass and at what here the Russian crisis: an expert explanation

Какие у Путина планы на Донбасс и при чем тут российский кризис: объяснение эксперта

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has now chosen a wait. However, the risk of escalation in the Donbas there is – it can nourish schisms in Russia.

Putin would like to leave Ukraine on acceptable conditions, said the expert of the Ukrainian Institute for the future Yuri Romanenko, “Glavred”reports.

However, the response to the global crisis Putin is not ready. According to experts, this will lead to new splits within Russia. This, for its part, will push the Russian President to be aggressive on foreign policy grounds, to switch the attention of the Russians from domestic problems.

The expert notes that Russia “is steadily creeping into its biggest crisis”. Yes, Putin’s ratings are falling, trust in government fell a long time ago.

It seems that Russia after 2020, say Russian experts in 2022-2024 years will face a major crisis. It will lack resources,and many other problems

– said Romanenko.

However, according to experts, the domestic crisis in Russia is not necessary can be a relief for Ukrainians.

“On the contrary, it could make Russia more aggressive than it is today, that may entail creating new problems for us,” he said.

Putin’s ratings really plummeted. Thus, the results of a survey of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion testifies to the fact that the confidence rating of Russian President Vladimir Putin has fallen to 33.4%. It is a historical minimum. For the first 15 years of Putin, his lowest rating was in March 2005 – against the monetization of benefits.

Lunar calendar February 2019



Какие у Путина планы на Донбасс и при чем тут российский кризис: объяснение эксперта