What scolded and praised the Soviet car show “Top Gear”

За что ругали и хвалили советские автомобили на шоу «Top Gear»

“Top Gear” is a quite popular car show, which was in demand not only in the U.S. but also Russia.

British leading was held for all vehicles, finding the pros and cons of cars. Under their sight were and cars of the Soviet Union and Russia. Now we will talk about those instances that surprised leading and caused a lot of emotions.

Lada Riva. The vehicle first showed in 2002. On the court the leading got tuned “rubbish” car. Leading thus wanted to show what should ideally be the vehicle from AVTOVAZ. In all the modifications took about 200 thousand dollars. You will not believe it, but this Lada Riva could compete with the BMW M5. Again, the vehicle appeared in the show in 2008.

It is also the leading tried to understand what cars of the Soviet Union worthy of the title best. Under the scope of the leading hit “Moskvich-408”, Niva, ZAZ-968 and GAZ-13 “Chaika”.

Moskvich-408. Soviet car rear-drive 2 groups of small class. The vehicle had a body type “four-door sedan”. Around of this car has been a lot of rumors. Then experts did a good job making it hard the roof was an optional accessory, this “Muscovite” looked like a hardtop coupe.

ZAZ-968. The legendary “runabout”, a so called vehicle. It was produced from 1971 to 1994. The car has three versions (968, 968A, and 968M). In the USSR the car was in demand and was even popular, but and ridicule he gathered a great many. It is no secret that the car has collected on the platform of the Fiat-600, because of this they have an uncanny resemblance.

Moskvich-412. Leading very argued in issue on this car. For a long time they were arguing about which is worse – “Riva” or “the Muscovite-412”. In this case, the Americans really did not like the gearshift mechanism, in their opinion, it was too tight and naughty. Also the suspension left much to be desired, she was too swinging. And of course the steering wheel.

Niva. Currently, the “Field” a great car which operated in the USSR – no way. It can be equated to the cheapest SUV in the world. Of course, many praised the car, but unstable work made me think. During test, the vehicle constantly stalling and Niva managed a couple of times to get stuck in a swamp.

ZAZ-968. This transport can be considered as the most affordable, which went off the Assembly line in the Soviet Union. Leading approved some design solutions. Remember the big hole in the bottom of the car? So Americans pleasantly surprised by the decision of designers. It could be adapted for winter fishing.

GAZ-13 “Chaika”. When in the show there was this car that lead could not navigate and understand what impression they got from what they saw. They are in comic form ridiculed too spacious passenger compartment which can fit up to 30 dissidents.

It is solely the opinion of the lead program. What do you think about this? Do you agree with the statements to the Soviet transport? Watch the video and write comments.

За что ругали и хвалили советские автомобили на шоу «Top Gear»

За что ругали и хвалили советские автомобили на шоу «Top Gear»

За что ругали и хвалили советские автомобили на шоу «Top Gear»

За что ругали и хвалили советские автомобили на шоу «Top Gear»