What smartphone will receive the first operating system HarmonyOS: the official statement of Huawei

Какой смартфон первым получит операционную систему HarmonyOS: официальное заявление Huawei

Shortly before the official presentation of the smartphone Huawei Mate Pro 30, the company announced that the device will get the Android operating system. However, due to the strained relations of the Chinese with the vendor Google the fate of the firmware next flagship remains in question.

As reported by Gizmochina, the situation was clarified, General Director of Chinese company – he told me what to expect the future owners of Huawei P40.

What smartphones will receive HarmonyOS? Managing Director of Huawei consumer business Richard Yu said that if the situation with Google is not resolved, next year the company will start using the smartphone own operating system, starting with the flagship model of the P40.

He noted that HarmonyOS, own app store App Gallery and Huawei services Mobile Services are already ready to replace Google for smartphones.

What is known about the operating system of Huawei? HarmonyOS is positioned as a versatile and secure solution for all types of devices. Corporate Ark, the compiler allows developers to quickly adapt an existing Android application to run on the new platform.

Recall, the announcement of the flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 30 and 30 Mate Pro will be held on September 19. New items will debut running Android, but without Google services out of the box.

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