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Якими видами спорту можна займатись при варикозі - 24 Канал

The surgeon identified five sports that can be enjoyed even varicose veins.

As reminded surgeon Anastasia Akulova in comments Оbozrevatel, with varicose veins, many kinds of exercise are contraindicated.

But there are those who facilitate the course of the disease. In particular, the experts recommended to prevent varicose veins, to do swimming and water aerobics.

Thanks to water, the load on the legs is much lower, also there is a constant massage of the skin by water flow, which increases its firmness and elasticity.


So, for people with varicose veins can run, but only Jogging and light training on the treadmill. At the most rapidly shrinking calf muscles.

Also allowed Nordic walking (using poles). It is especially useful to walk on uneven terrain – thanks to the raising and tuscanny work different groups of leg muscles.

Skiing is also possible, but choose the appropriate speed and don’t overdo it.

Yoga and other static loads can be performed, except those during which there is compression of blood vessels. Even the simplest “birch” or “Plow” perfectly improve the outflow of venous blood from the lower extremities.


What are varicose veins? This is a disease that manifests irregular dilatation, increase their length, change their shape — a narrowing of the venous wall and formation in it of pathological nodes.

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