What steps can resort Putin to stay in power

К каким шагам может прибегнуть Путин, чтобы остаться у власти

Now the ratings of Russian President Vladimir Putin is very low, but he will try to do everything to retain power. Similar to it has happened in 2017, when the Russian economy was in full decline. However, to answer before the nation for crimes he did not want to. The only essence of the existence of the Putin regime is to commit crimes and escape responsibility.

According to the Russian financier and blogger Slava Rabinovich, the owner of the Kremlin now need to do something to continue to hold power. The fact is, Putin has a very low rating, and these figures reach historically low levels, reports “Apostrof”.

“He will hold the power for one simple reason: the only essence of the existence of the Putin regime for its members is to commit crimes and escape responsibility. For this, they need to keep illegally usurped power,” – emphasizes the expert.

At the same time, he stressed that the acting President will not stop at nothing.

The range of possibilities, Putin is very wide. To understand what may need to travel back in 2013 and ask yourself if you were completely discarded as the madness all assumptions about what actually happened during the next five years. Then Putin changed the agenda, annexed the Crimea, began to say things which were written off, as if on tracing paper, of Hitler’s speeches about historical justice, “new Russia” and the protection of the Russian people; waged war and made propaganda on Russian television, zombifying better than once managed to Goebbels

– says Rabinovich.

For starters, it involves a politician, Putin may try to influence the ratings.

“In 2013, when the price of oil was 110 dollars a barrel on the world markets was a perfect conjuncture of commodity prices, which Russia exports, Russia’s economy was falling into recession (the term refers to the decline in production is characterized by zero growth of gross national product (GNP) or its fall for more than six months – 24 channel), obviously having a negative trend from quarter to quarter. Putin’s rating at that time was falling like a stone. And he didn’t want to answer to the people for their crimes, and the inability to control the country and the economy”, – said the financier.

The results of the latest survey of the analytical center “Levada-center”, 64% of Russians continue to approve of the actions of the current President of Russia. However, the number of supporters of Putin in General is greatly diminished. Thus, almost half of Russia’s population (45%) believes that the country is moving in the wrong direction. And activities of the Board of the Kremlin is dissatisfied 61% of Russians.