What the gaming industry for the year 2019: interesting statistics

The portal GoldenCasinoNews decided to summarize 2019 and published statistics on the most games over the last year. According to analysts, during the year the entire video game industry earned $ 83 billion, with 60% of this amount is brought to gamers on mobile platforms.

What games brought more profit

According to the portal GoldenCasinoNews, until 2024 video games all reach indicators total annual revenues to 95,3 billion dollars, which is comparable to the income of the state budget in countries such as the Czech Republic, the United Arab Emirates and Colombia.

  • As mentioned above, the lion’s share of the money brought mobile games.
  • In second place, with a substantial gap located online projects on traditional platforms (PC/Mac) with a score of 16.9 billion dollars.
  • Third place went to a single-player game purchased through the online services of sale and distribution, like Steam, Origin and the like.

The growth of the mobile segment was 2.9% for the year, also promises to 2024 to increase its total revenue of 56.6 billion dollars.

Profit from video game

Profit from mobile games

In some countries, most have spent money

The most profitable for publishers again was China, but in General the top five, in descending order, were the US, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

Interesting statistics and the number of players in the mobile projects. In 2019, this figure has 1.36 billion people, an average of each of the players has spent a modest $ 36 a year.

Statistics gamers

Active audience

More than a third (36%) of gamers on smartphones and tablets – people aged 25 to 36 years, the most active part of the population.

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