What they say in Berlin about the riots in Tbilisi

Что говорят в Берлине о беспорядках в Тбилиси

The German foreign Ministry does not exclude new clashes in the Georgian capital. German expert sees the cause of the riots in elevated emotions in Georgian society the Russian theme.

The German foreign Ministry responded so quickly to the events in Tbilisi. Already early in the morning on Friday, June 21, on the Ministry’s website informing of German tourists about the situation in different countries, there was a message about the protests in Tbilisi near the building of Parliament, Rustaveli Avenue and Freedom square.

German diplomats have warned going to Georgia, in Tbilisi it is possible to further riots and clashes of protesters with the police, who can use tear gas and rubber bullets. Travelers are urged to be careful to avoid and far to avoid crowds, monitor local media and be sure to follow the directions of law enforcement officers.

The German foreign Ministry urged to maintain calm

At the government press conference on Friday afternoon, the representative of the German foreign Ministry Maria Adebahr (Maria Adebahr) confirmed the assumption of the DW that the German government is closely monitoring developments in Tbilisi after a night of unrest, and the German Embassy is in constant contact with the Georgian authorities. She recalled that the Georgian TV was made by German Ambassador Hubert CNRS (Hubert Knirsch), calling on all participants in those events to remain calm and not to resort to violence.

“We are seeking from the Georgian authorities a prompt investigation of the collision, and the reasons for them, are in favour of dialogue between all parties, encourage them to contribute to defusing tensions diplomatically said Adebar. Everything must be within the framework of democratic constitutional system of Georgia”.

Recall that the riots in the centre of Tbilisi began with the participation of the Russian delegation in the General Assembly of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (IAO). The protests caused by the fact that the head of the delegation and is head of the IAP, the Deputy of the state Duma Sergey Gavrilov at the opening session, took the chair of the speaker of the Georgian Parliament and addressed the audience in Russian. Gavrilov support Moscow’s recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which is outraged by Georgian opposition politicians.

The explosion of emotions in Tbilisi over Russia

Press Secretary of the German foreign Ministry did not want to talk about the reasons that led to street clashes in Tbilisi. At the request of DW, it only reaffirmed the consistent position of official Berlin on the issue of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which is to support territorial integrity of Georgia.

Head of the representative office of a German Foundation named after Heinrich böll (Heinrich-B?ll-Stiftung) in Georgia, Stefan Meister (Stefan Meister) is not bound by the rules of diplomatic Protocol. He believes that the clashes could be provoked in some parts of the political elite, in particular, supporters of Mikhail Saakashvili.

“The topic raises strong emotions in Georgian society, said Meister in an interview with DW, and some groups specifically incite these emotions in order to use them as a tool against the ruling party “Georgian dream”.

The expert is confident that the Russian issue will be one of the main in next year’s parliamentary elections in Georgia. “Russia, as a country, which has occupied two Georgian territories – Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and placed its troops there, plays an important role in the internal politics of Georgia, States Meister. – And in the Orthodox Church of Russia is trying to exert additional influence on the political discourse in Georgia.”

Что говорят в Берлине о беспорядках в Тбилиси

Что говорят в Берлине о беспорядках в Тбилиси