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Чим загрожує відсутність повноцінного сну - 24 Канал

Many things at work and at home knock the man off balance. And if a person donates time, it automatically deals damage to your health.

Scientists conducted the study on mice, writes EuekAlert!.

Scientists have divided the rodents into two groups, where one did not sleep six hours every night, and the second allowed to sleep at will. Both groups were fed fatty food and sweet water, mimicking the food choices related to the lifestyle of people. In animals was limited opportunity for running wheel in the cage.


Scientists stated that the first group of mice during the experiment significantly increased the level of glucose in the blood, which affected the insulin. The result is an increase in risk of developing diabetes of the second type. The level of fats and the production of glucose in the liver was higher in the group with a limited amount of sleep after waking up.

The researchers also found that lack of relaxation changed the expression of enzymes regulating the metabolism in the body in the first group.

The conclusion of scientists is that lack of sleep leads to type II diabetes and liver disease.

Чим загрожує відсутність повноцінного сну - 24 Канал
What threatens to lack of sleep

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