What to cook on the fire – quail, carp and trout with smoke

Что приготовить на костре - перепела, карп и форель с дымком

As soon as the days become warmer, and the trees appear green leaves we remember one of the favorite entertainment of the campfire gatherings. Of course, eating a variety of Goodies! Optional to place a fancy grill to make a memorable picnic with a fragrant treat, because it can be cooked on a fire, especially when ahead of the may holidays. “News” has made its collection of Goodies too.

Carp baked in foil on the coals



seasoning for fish

a little vegetable oil (to grease foil)


The fish is cleaned, cut off the head, gut it, cut off the fins, cut it in steaks. Salt and pepper is not necessary, as seasoning for fish – it’s all there already, but still tasty weed for the fish. Roll the steaks in the seasoning and place in the fridge for a few hours to the pieces of well-marinated. Foil lightly greased with vegetable oil, to the skin of the fish does not stick to the foil. Foil is better to wrap in three layers. On hot coals place steaks and bake them on both sides until cooked. The fish is baked quickly, about 20 minutes.

Skewers of trout


1 kg fillet of trout

1 bunch of greens of dill

200 ml dry white wine

juice of 1/2 lemon

Table 3. tablespoons olive oil

1 pod of red and yellow peppers

300 g mushrooms medium size

2 bulbs

2 cloves of garlic

250 ml of sour cream

salt, ground black pepper


Trout fillet wash, dry, cut into small pieces and add to the pot. Dill wash, dry, a few sprigs to postpone for decoration, the rest chop the herbs. Wine mixed with the juice of 1/2 lemon, add salt, black pepper and half the chopped herbs. With constant stirring gradually pour in the olive oil. The resulting mixture pour the fish pieces and leave for 1 hour

Sweet pepper wash, dry, remove core with seeds, flesh cut into large slices. Mushrooms clean and wipe with a damp cloth. Onion peel and cut into large circles. The fish pieces to string on skewers alternately with bell pepper, mushrooms and onions. Broil over hot coals, turning occasionally skewer. For the sauce, the garlic, peel and pass through the press. Mix with sour cream and remaining dill, season with salt and pepper.


1.5 kg fish

2 liters of water

2 medium onions

2-3 potatoes

1 small carrot

1 parsnip root

1 parsley root

1 Bay leaf

tarragon, parsley and dill

8-10 peas of black pepper

salt to taste


Add boiling water, peeled and cut into 4-6 pieces potatoes, parsley root, sliced carrots and chopped onion. From Rybin separate the tails and head, send it to the bowler. Simmer soup on low heat for about 10 minutes, then remove the foam, remove the tails and heads. Add black pepper, Bay leaf and parsnip root. After 5 minutes add the remaining parts of the fish, cut into large pieces. Ear cook for another 15 minutes, not allowing the broth to boil. Add the chopped parsley, dill and tarragon. Remove the pot from heat, cover and let infuse for 10-15 minutes.

The soup in the cauldron


Mutton – 1.5 kg

Potatoes – 1 kg

Tomatoes – 1.5 kg

Onions – 1 kg

Carrots – 0.5 kg

Bulgarian pepper – 2 PCs.

Garlic – 1 head

Parsley fresh – 1 bunch

Paprika ground

Coriander powder



Ground black pepper


Vegetable oil


Onion cut into half rings. Carrots – polukruzhochkami. Bell peppers cut into cubes. In the same way, chop the potatoes. Tomatoes cut into cubes. A head of garlic cut into small slices. Small cut parsley leaves. Breed a fire and put the cauldron on the fire. In the cauldron, add a little vegetable oil and to heat. Evenly distribute the oil on the surface of the pot. Put the lamb in a cauldron.

Fry it for couple minutes on each side, until crisp. Then add the onions. Fry until it becomes transparent. Add carrots and stir everything properly. After waiting a minute, add in the cauldron, bell pepper and tomatoes. Stir and allow the vegetables a few minutes out. It’s time for spices. Add sweet paprika, ground coriander, cumin, salt, black pepper. Mix thoroughly. Thrown in the cauldron garlic, and parsley. Add the potatoes. Fill the cauldron to the brim with water. Leave shurpa lamb and vegetable stew for 1 hour.

Quail on the grill


Quail – 4 PCs

Garlic – 2 tooth.

Ginger – 2 tsp

Orange juice – 100 ml

Olive oil – 2 tbsp

Jeera – 1 depot.

Coriander – 1 depot.

Cinnamon – 1 depot.

Salt – to taste

Red hot chilli pepper – to taste

Soy sauce – 4 tbsp

Cranberry sauce

Cranberries (you can substitute cranberries) – 300 g

Onion (small) – 1 piece

Garlic – 1 tooth.

Ginger – 2 tsp

Sugar – to taste

Salt – to taste

Black pepper – to taste

Vinegar (we did without him) – to taste


Marinade for quail. Quail without the last phalanx of the wings and the cut on the breast. In the container with the bird add garlic, ginger, orange juice, olive oil, cumin (cumin), coriander, cinnamon, salt and red pepper, soy sauce. The number of all the ingredients – strictly to your liking. All mix well.

While the quail is marinated, prepare the cranberry sauce. Fry a little onion, add garlic and ginger. Then add mashed cranberries, sugar, salt, pepper. Stirring to evaporate excess moisture. When the sauce thickens, remove from heat and put it to cool. It is served cold. You can kill in a blender. Now fry the quails.

Что приготовить на костре - перепела, карп и форель с дымком

Что приготовить на костре - перепела, карп и форель с дымком

Что приготовить на костре - перепела, карп и форель с дымком

Что приготовить на костре - перепела, карп и форель с дымком

Что приготовить на костре - перепела, карп и форель с дымком