What to do before calling emergency services, if you flood the neighbors, told the management company

Что сделать до вызова аварийной службы, если вы заливаете соседей, рассказали в управляющей компании

Almost every resident of Melitopol, living in an apartment building, faced with emergency situations. The management company “Acqui-BUD”, which has the lion’s share of the multifamily sector of the city, immediately comes to the rescue. To effectively address the issue, residents must contact the emergency service. But there are still ways that can help to eliminate the accident without calling the emergency services. About them told the Director of the company-the Manager Yuri Bayraktar.

– There are times when you can eliminate the crash without removal of emergency services. The management company performs maintenance of engineering networks inside the houses. Who applies cold water to incoming cold water faucet in the apartment. Electricity to the meter located in the floor plate or in the apartment.

If there are accidents on the networks of cold water supply inside the apartment, in order to avoid flooding of the neighbors of the lower floors of the owners of the flats to block the induction faucet in the bathroom. If the impulse has occurred in the technical stroebe, you need to immediately contact by telephone and dispatch service.

Frequent accidents on a Central sewer system. When clogged system Central sewage system is necessary, first, to call the emergency dispatcher service. If possible, go up to the neighbors above and ask them not to use water until the arrival of emergency services.

When you fit pipes, Central Sewerage inside the apartment, you must take measures to prevent flooding of downstream residents of the flats to shut off the cold water tap and avoid the use of pipes, Central Sewerage.

If there is a blockage in the sewage wells, which are inside the yard, immediately call emergency dispatch service that, in turn, will send to the CP utility.

At the occurrence of impulses in the Central heating system as well as power – immediately contact the emergency services – said Yuri Bayraktar.