What to do during pregnancy: top 10 tips from Snjezana Babkina

Что надо успеть сделать во время беременности: топ-10 советов от Снежаны Бабкиной

Famous Ukrainian spouses Sergey and Snezhana Wives ‘ on June 18 in the third time became the parents. Beloved wife of the artist gave birth to a son, who was named an unusual biblical name – Elisha.

Before Snezhana Babkin told me that she long before pregnancy had a prophetic dream where she heard the name of his third child. Now the woman says after giving birth, how was the pregnancy.

In particular, on his page in Instagram she published his 10 points that you need to do during this special status for women.

Tips Snjezana Babkina, what to do during pregnancy:

1. Go for sports – yoga, pool, aerobics and the like.

2. Travel with your loved ones.

3. Make a beautiful pregnant photo shoot (preferably more).

4. To buy (to prepare) everything for the meeting with the baby.

5. To work hard, then carefully “work” with the child.

6. Learn how to get maximum pleasure! Smile, sing, dance, walk, have snacks, go to concerts, theatres.

7. To train yourself to drink 1.5-2 litres of water a day.

8. Go on a healthy diet.

9. To sleep.

10. And most importantly – to make friends with yourself, to love yourself.

What is known about the fourth child Sergei Babkin?Ukrainian singer Sergey Babkin until March 2019 concealed information about his wife’s pregnancy. The famous couple announced the addition to the family only at 7 months “waiting for the miracle”. This is the third child married with Snezhana: the pair have already raised 8-year-old Veselin and 12-year-old Arthur. In addition, the singer has a 12-year-old Ilya from a previous relationship.