What to do if bitten by a snake: important advice from Ministry of health

Что делать, если укусила змея: важные советы от Минздрава

About the snake bites it is important to know the following: the most dangerous are bites to the head and neck. Less dangerous are bites to the limbs, but they most likely. And in the summer the bites are more dangerous, because the higher the temperature, the more the poison spreads through the body.

The symptoms of snake bites include:

Swelling at the bite site, pain;

Two close to each other points on the skin – the marks of the teeth of the Viper;

Increased body temperature;

Blueing of the extremities;

There may be bleeding and blisters;


Increased sweating and thirst;

Nausea, lower blood pressure, rashes on the skin.

What to do when bitten by a snake:

Not to panic, to move less;

To fix the limb using the bus or improvised;

To treat the wound with antiseptic and put a circular bandage.

To go to the hospital.


Cauterize the wound or apply ice;

To apply a tourniquet;

Sucking the poison;

Drinking alcohol or caffeine;

To kill the snake (remember the color and shape, it may be required for treatment)

When going outdoors, you need to wear closed clothes, carefully watch where you sit or step on it, but when she saw the snake – not to make any sudden movements and try to distract her with the sounds.