What to do if my MacBook got water

Что нужно делать, если в MacBook попала вода

Despite the fact that manufacturers of gadgets are constantly working to improve moisture barrier properties of its products, water remains the number one enemy for any equipment (except for physical damage, of course). And before a large amount of water will not stand even the newest iPhone with enhanced protection from moisture. To say nothing about the MacBook, which is generally not intended for any contact with water.

What to do if my MacBook got water

Even if you spill on a laptop is quite a bit of water, not to mention to leave a computer out in the rain on the terrace or “redeem” it in coffee or champagne, it can cause serious damage. But what many do? Like, think, a couple of drops, wipe the MacBook and continue to use it normally. And then we wonder why is the laptop a few days off and don’t show any signs of life.

To do so in any case it is impossible, even a minimal contact with the liquid to computer can turn into a big problem. So if you spill water, tea or champagne on a MacBook, the first thing to do in such a situation , switch off immediately! Don’t put it in rice (pity), disassemble or drying with a hair dryer and any other way. Turn it off. Disconnect from charger, turn off all accessories.

And then it is better to drop everything and rush to the service center. While going, spread the towel and put it on your laptop keyboard down, so a small amount of water be spilled. However, it is better not to pull, because in this case, account for literally every minute. And if done quickly, a simple cleaning can fix. Otherwise, you will have to replace the corrupt chip or even the entire motherboard and the repair would cost tens of thousands of rubles.
For example, what would happen to the iPhone, which after contact with water is not brought promptly to the service center.

Repair MacBook after water

The owner of the 13-inch MacBook Air, a laptop which got to the specialists in the service center Apple Pro, did everything correctly. The laptop hit the water, wiped it with a towel, and soon it is off. But the charge is not hooked up (it is absolutely impossible to do!). After half an hour flooded the computer was on the table from the engineer. This is just like a human rather than to deliver him up to the ICU, the higher the chances to save.

At the opening of the device, the surgeon found a certain amount of water, which has not yet had time to evaporate, it means the notebook so well “compensated”.

Although since the flooding it took quite a bit of time on the motherboard is already significant evidence of rust and oxides.

Before diagnosing fee must be cleaned from oxides. Prepared for this motherboard is placed in a special bath with chemical solutions, thus there is a so-called chemical cleaning. Sometimes, for very severe corrosion in addition uses gentle ultrasound.

Once the Board is cleaned, they look as if just released from the factory.

After that, the technician begins diagnosis of the motherboard and all computer components. Surprisingly, in this case without serious repairs was made only easy repair of power circuits as out of service safety items. Usually if water damaged the motherboard controllers, rot tracks on the motherboard and does not work properly peripherals: keyboard, trackpad, cables and even battery. Here a miracle happened and the water did not manage to spread outside of the motherboard. The owner of a MacBook Air, it perfectly saved when quickly brought the laptop to the service center. Otherwise, residual moisture can cause problems: on the Board are formed of oxide and the corrosion processes that cannot be resolved at home. Then repair the MacBook Air after water will cost much more expensive.

The expert carries out the Assembly of the computer in reverse order and carry out the necessary tests to make sure everything is working properly.

As you understand, when moisture is in the MacBook (or iPhone/iPad) as early as possible to contact the service center. It will save from costly repairs and major damage, especially in the Arsenal of experts have professional tools that allow you to perform quality repairs. Service center Apple Pro gives you a guarantee on all repairs Apple devices, including MacBook Air repair 13, and all the readers AppleInsider.ru provides a 10% discount.