What to do if you are stung by a jellyfish: tips

Что делать, если вас ужалила медуза: полезные советы

When you feel stung by a jellyfish, rinse the burn the sea or salt water and try to remove the specks of stinging threads of the jellyfish.

To neutralize the jellyfish’s venom will help the lemon juice – just squeeze it on the burnt spot. Also the burn may be washed with a solution of baking soda or 5% solution of vinegar. In addition, the pharmacy you can buy special gel with hydrocortisone.

If a person is prone to allergies, he needs to take an antihistamine. Sometimes the pain from jellyfish stings can be very strong, then it is better to take painkillers. Will help to dull the pain and heartburn regular cold compress. Also during this period we have very much to drink.

It is important to know that the burn cannot be rinsed with fresh water – this will speed up the spread of venom in the body. You also cannot touch the site of the lesion with your bare hands, there is a risk that the poison gets on your hands.

It is undesirable to wipe the burn with a brilliant green, iodine or alcohol solution, and alcohol – it will only worsen the condition of the victim.

If the burn from contact with a jellyfish persists for a long time, it is better to consult a doctor. Also the clinic to go when, after a burn a person has vertigo, loss of consciousness, trouble breathing or chest pain.

Recommend that you avoid sites with jellyfish, you ask that the rescuers or to view local weather forecasts. Many beaches on its official pages in the network also publish helpful information about jellyfish.

If contact with jellyfish can not be avoided, you can wear a special suit for snorkeling with shoes. This will protect the person from the poison of jellyfish.

Beware of any jellyfish, even if they are on the shore. Its sting can be dangerous for another three days.

Remember that jellyfish attack only when provoked or during a hunt.

If you are surrounded by jellyfish and have the opportunity to cuddle up somewhere with your back – do it to the other Medusa’t catch you by surprise from behind.