What to do when spasm: effective advice

Что делать при судороге: эффективный совет

Spasm – a sharp reduction of several muscles in your body, which is accompanied by extraordinary pain in my legs.

Often the causes of cramps are muscle fatigue or insufficient water in the body.

To other causes of seizures should include the following:

circulatory disorders;

compression of the spinal nerve;

the lack of magnesium, calcium and potassium.

How to cope with cramp in the night:

For a start, sit up in bed.

Blanket throw with on the bottom like a noose.

Leg right at the knee.

Gently pull on the fingers themselves.

If a cramp in the front of the legs, stand up and move your body weight on the toes.

Then lift the heel.

If the foot cramp back, take “the position of the baby.”

If a cramp in the hamstring, sit on the floor with straight legs in front of him.

Sliding hands along legs, bend at the feet. You should feel the burn in spazmirovannah muscle.

Hold for 30 seconds and slowly return to sitting position.