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Чим харчуватися восени: поради дієтолога - 24 Канал

Dietician Oksana Skitalinskaia advises not fundamentally change the diet in the fall. Because food at this time of year is almost no different from the diet at other times.

This is stated in the message in Facebook.

Diet should contain:

1. Balanced meals

A daily diet of 75-80% should consist of plant foods – vegetables. fruit, cereal, and healthy protein (eggs, dairy, fish, lean meat, legumes, mushrooms).

Чим харчуватися восени: поради дієтолога - 24 Канал
What to eat in autumn

2. Foods that contain large amounts of vitamin D

Such products have anti-inflammatory and antidepressant action. Therefore, the nutritionist advises to eat in autumn, oily fish, cod liver oil, soft-boiled eggs. Also, do not be carried away by the autumn sun – the doctor advised to substitute the face under the sun to 10 minutes.

3. Omega-3 fatty acids

They are contained in flax seeds, nuts, sea fish. In the absence of such possibility it is possible to use capsules with a high content of omega-3 acids.
Nutritionist strongly advises not to eat fried foods and sweets.


4. Food with a high content of natural vitamin C

Because this vitamin is not synthesized and does not accumulate in the body, he needs to get with food every day. Foods that contain vitamin C – Kale, parsley, rose hips extract, pepper, frozen currants.

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