What to give on February 14: interesting ideas gadgets

Что подарить на 14 февраля: интересные идеи гаджетов

On the eve of February 14 the issue of what to give on Valentine’s Day is as relevant as ever. But today, cards or flowers won’t be enough. Techno 24 picked up a few interesting ideas of devices that are exactly like your spouse.

What to give the guy on 14 February


If your pet wears a beard, the trimmer will be a very good gift. It is only at first glance, the beard – a demonstration of brutality and negligence. In fact, she was quitting men exert a lot of effort. The beard can vary in shape and length. The trimmer will help the man to create such a beard, what he wants.

By the way, there’s also a universal trimmers, that have attachments for trimming hair, beards and also for removing excess hair in the nose.

Что подарить на 14 февраля: интересные идеи гаджетов

The trimmer is a nice gift for the bearded men

However, if your man did not succumb to fashion trends and continues to shave his beard daily, he can give the shaver. Believe me, this device will greatly simplify your morning ritual, your beloved.

First, the shaver provides a safer shave and leaves no irritation on the skin. Also such a device to get rid of hair on the face is more efficient than conventional machine. In addition, the shaver is very convenient to take along for the journey, and, in fact, shave on the road.

Car heated Cup

Very useful device, especially at this time of year. This can be a stand that stirs the Cup. Most of these gadgets can be charged via the USB port. That is, the stand can be put in the computer and it will maintain beverage temperature to a comfortable degree.

Что подарить на 14 февраля: интересные идеи гаджетов

The heated Cup will show that you are concerned about a loved

It can also be a travel mug with heating function – such a device is useful to take to work.

VR glasses

All men love of the game. And play in virtual reality – the dream of everyone. Rest assured, this gift will not leave indifferent your favorite.

Что подарить на 14 февраля: интересные идеи гаджетов

About this “toy” is a dream of every man

These points can be for smartphones. Thus, the role of the screen plays a display of the mobile device, which is inserted into the housing. So if your man prefers games and videos on your smartphone – choose these VR glasses.

Although a deeper dive into virtual reality will give glasses working with a PC. If a loved one spends a lot of time for a computer – then this is what you need.

What to give a girl on February 14


Every girl loves experimenting with hair. Therefore, to give the rectifier is a very good idea. Because most modern models not only smooth the hair but also can make curls. Something that is necessary for the changing whims of the girls.

Now on the market a large variety of hair straighteners, so how to choose the model that suits your favorite – see the article “How to choose a hair straightener: on what to pay attention.”


Smart watch

This gadget not only can count steps or monitor sleep, but also to perform a number of intelligent functions to receive messages, play music, make calls, contactless payment, and the like. So for today’s active girl such a device is very useful.

In addition, some models, such as Apple or Samsung, in addition to interesting functions have even and stylish design. For example, the South Korean company last year released a special model of the Galaxy Watch for women. The device got the pink strap smaller size (than the “male” version), and the case is in pink gold. Looks very stylish.

Что подарить на 14 февраля: интересные идеи гаджетов

Galaxy Watch looks very feminine


Every girl has a “point” relative to its own weight. Special smart scale will help control weight and keep your body in shape.

Using a special application weight syncs with your smartphone and helps track the daily fluctuations in your weight and other physiological data. In addition, the application can provide a report on the health status and recommendations for improvement.

Что подарить на 14 февраля: интересные идеи гаджетов

Libra not only control the shape but also can give advice

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