What to pay in Mariupol hospitals: approved the list of services

За что платить в мариупольских больницах: утвержден перечень услуг

In Mariupol determine a list of services provided in hospitals of the city for which the citizens will have to pay.

This list was approved in the last 52 session of city Council which took place on may 27.

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №1138 “On approving the list of paid services provided in public and municipal health institutions and medical higher educational institutions” was adopted in 1996.

The “basis for setting tariffs for paid services is their cost. It includes expenditure on wages, deductions for social insurance and trust funds, under the legislation, the costs of providing the material-technical base. The price is calculated by the institution and served for approval of the legal Department, Department of Economics, and then will be approved by the Department of health. Orders on approval of the list and cost of services for each medical facility will be published on the website of the city Council and posted in all hospitals of the city”, – explained in the city Council.

For what medical services will pay Mariupol:

– medical examination;

– operation of artificial interruption of pregnancy, except for abortions for medical or social reasons;

– cosmetic assistance, in addition to that provided for medical reasons:

– Wellness massage, gym, balneotherapy, with the goal of disease prevention and health promotion of the adult population;

– medical care in institutions of all types, sporting events, mass cultural and social events and the like;

– medical care at home (diagnostic tests, procedures, manipulation, counselling, care);

– hospital stay of parents in connection with caring for children older than 6 years, if it is not caused by the condition of the sick child;

medical services for foreign citizens who are temporarily on the territory of Ukraine, including under insurance contracts;

– dentures and dental care;

the results forms medical card of an ambulatory patient; issuing copies of medical certificates, extracts from the medical history;

– training of medical interns who graduated from non-state higher medical educational institution, or graduated from the state higher medical educational establishments in the terms of the contract, or re-pass the internship, or want to get a second specialty internship;

services laundries under the contracts;

– services for the preparation of the deceased for burial (services of a Barber, cosmetologist, embalmer) content of dead bodies in the freezer pathoanatomical Bureau after the study.

The list of services and their cost will be available on the websites and Facebook pages of each medical institution.

“If the patient wants to receive the service, not specified in points, but referred to in the List of paid services provided in public and municipal health institutions and medical higher educational institutions, approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 17.09.1996, №1138, the patient submits an application to the head of the KNP, which stipulates the list of services which it wants to”, – reported in the city Council.

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