What vegetables inhibit the process of losing weight

Какие овощи тормозят процесс похудения

American nutritionists the results of the study came to the conclusion that some vegetables is very neat to eat for people who want to lose weight, reports golos.ua.

Experts recommend revising your diet to everyone who is watching their weight, and to limit the presence of vegetables with a high starch content. The doctors noted that completely abandon these vegetables is because they contain useful substances for the body.

As it is impossible to lose weight: the most dangerous methods

Nutritionists drew attention to the potatoes and corn. Potato carbohydrate is a useful product. It contains large amount of vitamins of groups B, C, H, PP, fiber, potassium and other nutrients. Doctors recommend to use it in boiled or baked form, in moderation. While fried potatoes and mashed potatoes with added butter for the benefit of the figure not going.

As for corn, it is recommended to use boiled. If there is raw, there is a chance to gain weight. In the process of cooking corn leaves the main enemy of the shape – sugar.