What vehicles are the most harmful to health – 24 Channel

Який транспорт найшкідливіший для здоров'я - 24 Канал

Many modern cities suffer from a glut transport and smog. Therefore, some ways to get to work or study in the cities can very seriously threaten the body.

According to estimates by the who, 90% of the population is breathing polluted air. According to experts, it is because of polluted air annually 7 million people, BBC reports.

One of the most polluted in the world is the capital of India Delhi. Experts compare the level of pollution in the city with 10 smoked cigarettes every day.

Scientists have measured the levels of fine particulates PM2.5, through which you can get serious respiratory diseases. It turned out that most of harmful dirt cyclists inhale, then pedestrians. So experts recommend to choose a more quiet streets, less to inhale the dangerous particles.


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