“What vulgarity!”: Discussing strange pictures of Glucose with Kirkorov

«Какая пошлятина!»: В Сети обсуждают странное фото Глюкозы с Киркоровым

The king of pop and the singer was photographed in an ambiguous position.

In the social network of Natalia Ionova-Chistyakova, known as Glucose, has photos from the concert in the Kremlin Palace, on which she poses with her colleagues – Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov.

In the frame of the Glucose is between the kings of the Russian stage, they all dressed in outfits similar red hue.The singer poses in dress with deep slit and open shoulder, clinging to Kirkorov. All anything, but users are puzzled by the kind of the king of pop and the position of its hands – on photos he touched the open thigh of Glucose, rather, to the place where begins the high slit of the dress…

Comments singer was flooded with jokes, comments and questions about this. “For the pie stick it in?”, “What a vulgarity, it is not art!”, “Why is he touching her?”, “No shame, no conscience, how your kids will look at it?”, “Very unpleasant photos! Disgusting!”, “The book as something quite without respect… you need to waist!”, “PPC. Covered. It’s a disgrace!”, – write users.

Questions and guidance about decency and chastity Glucose to not the first time. The singer is fond of immodest photo shoots and often poses in revealing bathing suits. We already wrote about how the fans asked for the Glucose to stay, they say, she’s a mother and wife.

After the photo with Kirkorov some users thought that the Glucose was replaced by hair. The frame is made from frontal view, and it seems that the singer made a short cut with bangs. In addition, it changed the color of hair – silver-purple.

However, in the video, which Glucose is loaded next, it is clear that the length of the hair singer has not disappeared – it has collected hair in a bun, and the tail laid in front in the bangs.