What was it? Elena Stepanenko has shown himself in youth

Что это было? Елена Степаненко показала себя в молодости

Recently Elena Stepanenko has changed: she lost weight, used the services of plastic surgeons, as well as the change of style in clothing.

The actress looks considerably younger than at the age of 67. Now Stepanenko decided to show the fans the from the personal archive of the 1990-ies. The footage of the Joker can be seen in leopard print tights and bright yellow sweater.

In the picture Stepanenko reminiscent of the character Tatyana Bruchanov, the current wife of Eugene Petrosyan. In the signature of the presenter wondered why she wore a particular outfit, but in the end said that looks quite attractive.

“We women, we need to be unpredictable, to surprise. Here sometimes I look at my old pictures and think, “What was that?! Fashion? Mood? Weather anomalies or ate the wrong thing? I’m in leopard print tights. Audacious, mysterious, but, in my opinion, quite nicely,” said she.

Что это было? Елена Степаненко показала себя в молодости