What was memorable in the Verkhovna Rada of the eighth convocation: funny video

Чем запомнилась Верховная Рада восьмого созыва: курьезные видео

Sometimes they worked and passed laws. And sometimes elected officials have turned a plenary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada almost in a circus. Journalists 24 channel remembered the most interesting and funny moments in the session hall for the last five years.

Boyko broke Lyashko

“There fists, and the mind – no” – as complained to Oleg Lyashko, after the conciliatory Council received the nuts from Yuri Boyko.

Over the past five years, the Parliament saw a lot of fights. MPs outwear each other, vomited and smashed furniture and equipment in corridors.

Watch the video: Leshchenko and Melnychuk came to blows in Parliament

Barna carried Yatsenyuk

Even received the Premier’s Deputy Oleg Barna hands made of Arseniy Yatsenyuk from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada.

Watch the video: Yatsenyuk from the rostrum stand

Drone Lutsenko in Rada

It was and is, that the Parliament were quite unusual items. For example, a drone that Igor Lutsenko fixed work button pushers. Or smoke bomb from Levchenko and Semenchenko. But surpassed all Hope Savchenko, which is carried to the Parliament of the grenade.

In one of the Fridays in the session hall came Idun, who did not wait for MPs at the workplace.

Mat in Parliament

All five MPs not pick up the words. Called each other scum and animals, repeatedly cursing.

Watch the video: Novinsky Parubiy: “get away from me, vermin!”

Remember this convocation of Parliament and such, because another will see soon.

Чем запомнилась Верховная Рада восьмого созыва: курьезные видео