“What was that? I’m really in shock.” “History – sheet”. Social networks discuss the shooting in Brovary

"Это что было? Я реально в шоке". "История - жесть". Соцсети обсуждают перестрелку в Броварах

This morning on a street in Brovary skirmish, which wounded three people. Police announced a special operation to track down five vehicles involved in the conflict. The total number of installed and detainees who participated in the shootout, made 21. The press service of the National police of Ukraine reported that today’s shooting in Brovary occurred because of the distribution of passenger traffic between local companies.

Users of social networks are not left without attention this incident. “GORDON” have compiled the most interesting comments.

Shootout in Brovary – is the result of the victory over organized crime by the state in the struggle for influence, says criminologist Anna Painter.

“Yes, I agree, history is hard. But not quite. When you convince yourself that the worst does not happen, as the person with the experience of the 90s in Georgia, can you tell me how it is worse,” said the former press attaché of the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine Bacho Korchilava.

“Fire in the morning in Brovary – an echo of the corruption determination of the quota of carriers, the involvement of gangs in the struggle for transportation routes. Will be a treat! “- said the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

Shootout this morning in Brovary – an echo of the corruption determination of the quota of carriers, the involvement of gangs in the struggle for transportation routes.

Will be a treat!.

Already 10 detainees, mass arrests continue.

The Executive bodies of Kiev and Kiev region are required – you.. rotten pic.twitter.com/iEiGLWEDLN – Arsen Avakov (@AvakovArsen) May 29, 2020

“Grouping of investment from Vinnitsa staged a gunfight with colleagues from Brovary in the framework of the program of creating 500 thousand jobs. Competition between Kiev, Dnipro, vinnitskii, Kryvyi Rih investeste escalates, showing great interest in Chicago, Mexican and Colombian investors, and the Sicilian open in Brovary permanent office,” wrote editor-in-chief “Censor.NO” Yury Butusov.

Butusov also posted a humorous picture on the topic.

“What was that??? I’m really in shock. Shooting in Brovary this morning!!! The showdown between the carriers escalated into fighting. More than 100 people staged a gunfight. I’m in the 90s is not seen,” said former people’s Deputy Borislav Birch.

“In a time when true patriots in the Ukrainian army shed the blood of the Donbass, defending the independence and territorial integrity of our country, in a peaceful town (near Kiev), organized criminal gangs with guns in the hands of a bloody showdown in the spirit of the Sicilian mafia clans… Not thinking about the people around. And almost without fear of hundreds of thousands of professional employees of the national police and the national guard responsible for maintaining law and order in the state! What we have, those we…” – said the founder and chief editor of the Ukrainian daily newspaper “Facts and comments” Alexander Shvets.

“The bullets from the shots in the shootout rival drivers in Brovary got to Windows of apartments,” – said the journalist Nazar Prikhodko.

“In Brovary fun. Shots fired by any of the aunts. You can see the rifles and shotguns. Do not rush just the police to blame the fact that she has not arrived or arrived too late. It is possible that the police were there too, just in civilian clothes and also with carbines and rifles”, said the activist Sergey Sternenko.

“Top most dangerous criminal cartel in the world: 5. The triad; 4. The Yakuza; 3.Cosa Nostra; 2. The Sinaloa Cartel; 1. Brovarskyi carriers,” jokes blogger Anton Hoja.