What was the scandal between the GBR and the APU: no Russian “bulbs” radar APU is dead

Что показал скандал между ГБР и ВСУ: без российской "лампочки" радары ВСУ мертвы

Why there was a scandal between the Armed forces and the state Bureau of investigation, what is the klystrons and why buy them in Russia during the war

Investigators of the State Bureau of investigation (GBR) came to military missile with a search warrant and seized seven klystrons – devices, without which you can’t work the radar. Air forces of VSU GBR accused of undermining the defense capability of the country and demanded the return of the seized equipment. The defense Ministry fears that after the raids could leak classified information.

Why there was a scandal between the APU and the RRT, what is the klystrons and why buy them in Russia – an analysis LIGA.net.


Investigators GBR 1 Jul raided the 96th anti-aircraft missile brigade (part А2860, Kyiv region). They seized seven klystrons, it sverkhvysokochastotnoi devices in control systems of anti-aircraft missiles s-300. A search warrant gave Khmelnitsky district court. Similar searches took place in two parts in the Odessa and Kherson region.

Command of the Air forces of Ukraine reported that investigators are investigating a “serious irregularities in the procurement of klystrons”. But the judgment contains no mention of their removal, and only “the inspection of military units and their subordinate air defense missile battalions”.


According to the journalist Yuri Butusova, GBR missile brigades was looking for dirt on Poroshenko and his team on procurement in the defense sector. Klystrons for the s-300 can be purchased only in Russia, and this is an old problem. In 2014 year, the former Director of the Poltava plant “Banner” Yuri Soloshenko was detained in Moscow while trying to illegally buy the klystrons to the C-300.

“The klystron is the element without which the system of anti-air defense will not work. This is the basis of the computational capabilities of air defense. But in Ukraine, they are not produced. There is only businesses that can recover,” – said LIGA.net military analyst National Institute for strategic studies Mykola Beleskov.

The sole supplier of klystrons could be Russia, with a high probability – on smuggling channels, he says: “In Russia, this is the concern Almaz Antey. They have already switched to the new system s-400. But the Russians have and the previous generation system. And spare parts for them. Plus there is a decommissioned system in which there are klystrons. In any case, Russia is the only source. Anywhere from it not going anywhere”.

Beleskov says that the purchase of military equipment or blades, spare parts for helicopters through the third company in the country-the aggressor is not a new issue: needed to survive in war. “Practice is… We will not hold your hand until you replace all your old air defense system. The fact that these were bought in Russia even in war is not news. Nowhere else” – he said.


The klystron is such a high frequency lamp, explains head of the Department of information technology and modeling KEI KNEU Igor Chlewicki. She can generate and amplify the electromagnetic oscillations with a frequency in the gigahertz and a high capacity. This is a subtle and complex vacuum device that requires proper handling to keep it working and reliable.

“I don’t understand why to remove the klystron from the military complex. To check the serial number and tell Russia? Their intelligence service established channels on which the device is received in Ukraine? Why take the klystrons with you? What are the conditions of transportation and storage, what to do and in what condition returned? How did it affect the performance and reliability of the device? I will clarify that no klystron radar is dead. Just a pile of metal. And missiles will not fly,” wrote Chlewicki in Facebook.

In the pursuit of cases Poroshenko RRT could jeopardize the country’s defense.

“It seems that someone’s planned action”, – stated in the command of the Air forces of Ukraine after the searches and seizures of klystrons. – It is especially strange in the conditions when Russia is on the border with Ukraine, the enemy deploys huge armed forces in the framework of large-scale military exercises Kavkaz-2020, where openly played out a scenario of a full-scale offensive in Ukraine.

After a few hours the command of the Air forces of Ukraine have carried the post from its page in Facebook.


After the scandal with the APU in the RRG reported that returned the seized klystrons. Guide RRG promises to investigate the incident and to assess the actions of their employees. Officials involved in the seizure, removed from office. The Kiev office of the RRG took criminal proceedings have a territorial management Khmelnitsky.

An open case on the fact of abuse of power or office powers by employees of the RRG and the SBU (part 3 of article 365 of the criminal code).

President Vladimir Zelensky said that he is concerned about the actions of the RRT to intervene in the activities of the Air force, because they directly affect the execution of tasks on protection of air space of Ukraine. It requires management of the SBU and the RRT immediately give them legal assessment and take measures to minimize possible consequences. What is not said.

Today in the Verkhovna Rada defense Minister Andrei Taran did not rule out leaks of classified information after the search. “The lack of coordination between the military counter-intelligence officers and other stakeholders has led, first, to undermine the combat readiness of air defense units, and secondly, creating the possibility of information leakage, which refers to givoanni,” said the Minister.

Taran did not specify who could get secret information, “it is a question to the security Service of Ukraine”.

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