What was the very first Ukrainian motorcycle

Каким был самый первый украинский мотоцикл

The first Ukrainian motorcycle CMP-1M production of the Kharkov Assembly plant (HASS) appeared in 1931. Then there was no trace of any plant in Kyiv, no Lviv, was not even mass production of IgA, and they existed only as prototypes. And in Kharkiv have already started to mass-produce the motorcycles own original design.

Motorcycle production of CMP-1M was deployed in the buildings of the former sugar factory in Ivanivka, where was held the Assembly of the Ford-AA and was made by two experienced 4-ton truck “Ukraine-4”. Yes, in Kharkov, then there was the production of cars. But with the launch of the Gas need to build exactly the same truck Ford-AA anymore. On the issue of trucks the company did not Finance it, although HASS was made all the working drawings, specifications, protocols, Assembly and disassembly, analysis of the materials used – worked out the whole process.

The company urgently needed to re and a new direction not long in coming. Ukrainian highways gives the order of the Kharkov factory to build and test the pilot batch of 10 motorcycles design P. Labora.

To determine the best design for the future of motorcycle trust “Ukrmet,” which included HESS, in the summer of 1930 held a nationwide rally, which was attended by foreign motorcycles Harley-Davidson, Indian, Norton, Henderson and homemade talented designer Soldatenko and prototype motorcycle Labor. In this run a length of 4000 km, it became clear that for real operation best suits the design Soldatenko. Frame this bike received no damage.

Frame new motorcycle one-piece stamped side panels, which are then welded together. The gas tank was located inside the frame. Four-stroke 350-CC engine with 8 HP, with side valves, was fitted with a removable cylinder head. The valves for the first time in the Soviet Union had a pusher with the fifth disc, not video. Front fork was of a similar design, Harley-Davidson, but not made of pipes, and special profiles, and has been reinforced spring suspension.

The bike was equipped with not only the trunk, but there was a 2-seater version with a saddle for the passenger. From hmz-1M was another distinguishing feature: he had two headlights, which neither before nor after had not one motorcycle in the USSR.

CMP-1M show at exhibitions, he participates in numerous runs, he is like the military, and he began to put in part of the red army. It seemed that everything was going well. In 1932 Kharkiv plant even got a plan for the production of 4000 motorcycles. However, they were not destined to roll off the production line.

Why was “killed” first Ukrainian motorcycle, which today looks pretty decent? Here, there is not enough documentary evidence of the causes of the incident and AUTO-Consulting will tell his version of events, based on publications in other sources. At the end of 1931 in Moscow held a landmark meeting on motorcycling. It was decided to release in the Soviet Union unified the motorcycles four types, the development of which should be engaged in Scientific auto-tractor Institute (NATI).

In fact, after this was given up on the original project CMP-1M in Kharkov and initiative at other plants. Ukrainian firstborn has released a total of about 300 units, and all drawings were required to transfer to Taganrog at factory TEES. They were not needed, as it is defined was to produce a powerful motorcycle TIZ AM-600.

In Kharkov receives order to produce a different model – NACHI-B-375. Seeing the drawings, in 1932, the design Department of HESS has prepared its own project of a motorcycle of the same capacity. The main difference from the variant of the NACHI was reliable propeller drive the rear wheels. Front fork was developed in two versions – parallelogram with a Central coil spring and dual spring American type. The wheels for the first time in the USSR it was planned to make interchangeable. But the project has not been approved by the Union leadership.

Then in Kharkiv attempting to develop cubature and heavy versions of motorcycles with two-cylinder V-shaped engine capacity of 750 and 1200 cm3 driven by the propeller shaft. Were the factory workers and the project’s own compact car with the engine of 1000 cm3. The projects are certainly interesting, but in Moscow already has made a final decision about who and what is to produce. These initiatives remained on paper. The Kharkov Assembly plant several times perepodchinenie different departments and over time it ceased production of motorcycle technology.

Before the war hastily formed Palmatolepis, hastily gave the job to their enterprises to produce military motorcycle M-72, copied from the German BMW R71. However, whether because of incompetence, or for some other reasons, to produce M-72 is instructed in the Kharkov agricultural plant “Hammer and sickle”, which was renamed the Kharkiv motor plant (khmz). The first M-72 is supposed to release in August of 1941, but the German occupation has violated these plans.

Hmz urgently evacuated to Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod), where the plant Museum-reserve “Krasnaya Etna” and expand the production of M-72. Interestingly, in 1949 it professionals with HMP arrive in Kiev for the organization of production of M-72 is already the capacity of the Kiev motorcycle plant. But that’s another story.

And the hmz-1M, despite the small volume of production, left a bright trace in the history of metproizvodstva. For a long time it was believed that not a single instance to the present day not lived. But, it seems that one still found. Here what was the first Ukrainian motorcycle CMP-1M.

Technical characteristics of CMP-1M

The number of seats – 2; dry weight: 135 kg; curb weight – 150 kg; maximum speed – 90 km/h; operational fuel consumption – 3.5 l/100 km; fuel capacity – 11.5 liters; wheelbase – 1400 mm; ground clearance – 124 mm; the angle of the front fork – 30?, the crash of the front fork – 30 mm. Engine: four-stroke, single-cylinder, vertical cylinder; valve mechanism – SV; cooling – air; cylinder bore – 75 mm; piston stroke length is 80 mm; the working volume of 350 cm;; compression ratio of 4.1; power – 8 HP at 3500 rpm; lubrication – splash, flow oil – plunger pump, a manual pump; capacity of oil tank: 2.1 l; carb – type “Seller de Luxe” Konotop machine factory.

Transmission: clutch – multi-plate dry; gearbox is three – stage, gear shift – lever on the tank and Tagomi; gear ratios – 2,61 – 1,61 – 1,00; a motor transmission chain, size 5/8 x 3.8?, the gear ratio is 2.4; the rear gear – chain size 5/8×3/8?, the gear ratio is 2.5. Electrical: ignition system and lighting – maggino type Bosch; battery 6V, 15 A x h; control of the ignition timing, the left hand steering; other equipment – 2 headlamp, tail light, beep.

Undercarriage part: frame – stamped steel from 2.5 mm, closed, duplex, welded, weight of frame – 15 kg; front fork type “Harley-Davidson”, the feathers of a special profile; rear suspension – no; the brakes on both wheels; wheel – 40 spokes full carbon clincher wheelset; size tyres 27х3,5?.