What water is beneficial for drinking – tips Suprun

Какая вода полезна для питья - советы Супрун

Water is the healthy drink to quench your thirst. What kind of water is best to drink mineral or just from the tap?

The acting head of the Ministry of health Suprun said, what the water is safe for health.

Is it possible to drink water from the tap?

Only when it boiled and the supernatant, and the best – filtered.

Defending allows harmful substances to settle and the filtration removes water from the rust particles and ions.

Is it possible to drink mineral water?

Mineral water of calcium and magnesium may have both small and medium stiffness/mineralization. Its level is important primarily for people with health problems.

Therefore, for some mineral water with magnesium and calcium – a source of beneficial ions, which are easily digested, and for someone – the risk of kidney stones.

If you have problems with blood pressure, digestion, kidneys, circulatory system – check with your doctor about the stiffness and the mineral composition of water.

Please note! Sodium mineral water can raise blood pressure.

Can I drink carbonated mineral water?

It also restores moisture balance as of still.

In addition, soda will help people with dyspepsia and constipation, as well as those who want to eat less.

Source: Ulyana Suprun.