What were the inauguration in Ukraine: Kravchuk’s story

Какими были инаугурации в Украине: рассказ Кравчука

The inauguration of all the presidents of Ukraine were held according to the legally prescribed rules. Some refused from the Parliament or held events on this day at the Independence square. And no matter how prepared for the presentation of credentials, the head of the country, but there are oddities.

Soon near the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will prostalene red carpet, will stand honor guard and under the gaze of millions of Ukrainians will be the new President of Ukraine. Next, go into courtroom and will take the oath.

Such a scenario for all of the inauguration broke again. And though each tried to add something myself, but there are rules that have to comply with everything.

The first inauguration took place in 1991, and it is only black and white poor quality video.

In 1991, Leonid Kravchuk was a pioneer. In fact, the tradition of inauguration was written first, and the training was only three days. Then there was no more anthem and the Constitution of Ukraine.

Decided that I need to find a spiritual Constitution. So I was sworn in with his hand on the Peresopnytsia gospel and lay the old Constitution,

– said the President of Ukraine 1991-1994 Leonid Kravchuk.

This idea stuck, and all its successors already on a par with the Constitution, these books promised to serve the Ukrainian people. According to the approved by the Verkhovna Rada scenario, it all starts with the fact that in the hall under the dome, a gathering of political elites and presidents from other countries, the head of the election Commission officially announces the election results, and the head of the constitutional court – rights and obligations.

The President then takes the oath and signs it, and the head of the CEC officially announces the inauguration. According to the scenario, it must also present photo ID. And then the speech that is actually voiced, that will be sent to the President’s course.

We, Ukrainians, live in the light of European Nations and active members of the European civilizational family,

– said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

There is also tradition outside the walls of the Verkhovna Rada. For example, to lay flowers at the monuments to outstanding Ukrainians. And the blessing of clergy from the St. Sophia Cathedral. And an official dinner for foreign delegations.

By the way, Leonid Kuchma was the only one who greatly departed from the customs. During the second inauguration refused the Verkhovna Rada. He wanted to swear on stage at the Palace of Ukraine, where artists and bands.

Committed all their Affairs to protect the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine,

– declared the President of Ukraine 1994-2005 Leonid Kuchma.

He was the first who received the attributes of power: a badge, a personal seal and the Mace. Without which no longer is no inauguration.

Victor Yushchenko has decided to combine the classic with the inauguration of the people. After the ceremony in Parliament went to the square. Though it was winter, but it was waiting for supporters of numerous foreign delegation and the Viennese doctors who saved his life. Then he was the first President said – “Glory to Ukraine”.

Despite clear procedures, something can go wrong. Like to call it the signs that point to what will be the President in power. So Kuchma was confused and put the Mace ahead of time, that is refusing to power, Yushchenko on the Maidan took off pigeons, Yanukovych before his nose almost slammed the door, and during the inauguration Poroshenko fallen soldiers.

What to expect from the inauguration Zelensky – learn soon. His team already promises an unusual show, which will try to add in a legally prescribed script.

Какими были инаугурации в Украине: рассказ Кравчука

Какими были инаугурации в Украине: рассказ Кравчука

Какими были инаугурации в Украине: рассказ Кравчука