What will be the budget of Krivoy Rog in 2020 and what income will bring Krivoy Rog earth

Каким будет бюджет Кривого Рога в 2020 году и какой доход принесет криворожская земля

Coming to the end of public discussion of the draft decision of city Council “About establishment of rates of payment for land and land tax privileges in the city of Krivoy Rog in 2020”.

The informant decided to find out how important a particular issue of equitable land tax rates. Who will benefit and why some officials and MPs against increasing the tax on land for mining and metallurgical complex.

This decision is important for the community, commented on the draft decision, the Deputy Nikolay Dektyarev, – because the target of the city budget revenues from payment for land only in 2019 is 1 billion 282 million. This is 27% of the General Fund budget.

It is their own income, which can be used for the improvement of territories, modernization of water, heating, repair and upgrade of material-technical base of hospitals, kindergartens and schools, the purchase of municipal passenger transport, financial support for housing and communal services, assistance in treatment, the solution of environmental problems“.

This is important: How is the reorganization of hospital №7. Pictures of the destroyed building of the city hospital №7 became the focus of attention and a lot of questions to city authorities.


The money is literally under our feet. The land, which is reserved for accommodation of industrial enterprises, must generate income. For this you need to establish fair rates of payment for land, and not to expect subsidies from the state budget.

The law allows you to set the maximum rate of 12% of the normative monetary evaluation of land. Our MPs in 2019 voted for minuscule – 2.5 %.

And this despite the fact that the metallurgical and mining enterprises occupy large areas of the city, just from the activities of these companies affect people in the city, the owners of these companies get profits!” – Nikolay is indignant Dektyarev. He explains that long ago raises the question of increase of payment for land.

During the public hearing, together with colleagues from the state Duma Lyudmila Belov, Anton Petrukhin, made a proposal to establish a fee for the land for the year 2020 for metallurgical production and mining at 4% of the normative monetary evaluation of land.

This will further attract the city’s budget 896 million hryvnia, and therefore significantly increase the cost of development of the city. We are convinced that based on the principle of social justice (introduction of taxes in accordance with ability to pay), the rate at 4% is acceptable”.


It would seem that the deputies ‘ suggestion that they should be supported, because it will attract a lot of money in the city budget. But officials of the Department for regulation of town planning and land relations refuse it and do not propose to increase the rate of land tax and rents in 2020.

As explained Nicholas, the failure to increase the fee for the land for large-scale enterprises, the Department argues “the unstable economic situation in the state.”

Of course this is another manipulation from the leadership of the Department and the game on the side of business owners. Although “the instability of the economic situation in the state” enterprises of metallurgical production and mining industry are stable, and get a large profit, says he is a strange decision lobbyists of mining and metallurgical complex in horapollo.

Interested in: Northern GOK, InGOK and CGOK brought Rinat Akhmetov in 2018 15,8 billion hryvnia profits. This is twice the annual budget of Krivoy Rog.

For example, the net profit of large enterprises in 2018 amounted to more than 26 billion hryvnias. (Information given without the net profit of OJSC “southern mining”, the company has not published a report for 2018). Is it sufficient financial resources and for the payment of dividends and for investment, and for increasing the payment for the land.

Nicholas is sure: “business Owners should be partners with the community, to social responsibility in its business activities. Violate the land, pollutes the environment must pay to the city budget fair taxes!”


A public hearing on the issue of taxation took place, now a word for the mayor and city Council members. What are the rates of payment for land will be established for 2020, what income will receive a budget for next year depends on the decision of a majority of the members of the city Council.

But the last word for the community. The public is entitled to demand from deputies of city Council to make decisions in the interests of the residents of the city, and not in the interests of business owners. In this regard, a petition in which the residents of Krivoy Rog need to raise the land tax rate, and the received money to direct to children. Kryvyi Rih finally starting to realize that might affect Blagosostoyanie city, the formation of budget revenues and demand for its rational allocation.

Каким будет бюджет Кривого Рога в 2020 году и какой доход принесет криворожская земля

Каким будет бюджет Кривого Рога в 2020 году и какой доход принесет криворожская земля

Каким будет бюджет Кривого Рога в 2020 году и какой доход принесет криворожская земля

Каким будет бюджет Кривого Рога в 2020 году и какой доход принесет криворожская земля