What will be the revenge for Sulejmani

Какой будет месть за Сулеймани

The Iraqi government announced three-day mourning in connection with the death this week of the commander of the Iranian special forces “Quds” Qassem Soleimani and one of the commanders of the Iraqi Shiite militia, reported by the Western media.

The order of national mourning gave the Prime Minister of Iraq Adel Abdul Mahdi, who called the victims martyrs.

Earlier this week, the result of an American airstrike near Baghdad killed 10 people: Soleimani and the accompanying Iraqi and Iranians.

The lamentation of an influential General Qassem Suleimani joined the Iranian propaganda machine. On the Central television of Iran killed the head of intelligence added to the martyrs – those killed for their faith. Military after Ayatollah Khamenei, talking about strong retaliation.

The first demonstrations demanding revenge against the US and Israel for the death of Soleimani began on Friday, a few hours after the missile strike on the Baghdad airport, the victim of which was General and several nearby military and militia leaders.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani in an interview with Iranian media on Saturday called the U.S. act of state terrorism committed on Iraqi soil. He urged regional countries to resist “U.S. aggression”.

Shortly after the announcement, Iraqi authorities also announced three days of mourning for the slain.

On Saturday in Baghdad held the first funeral procession where revenge was much louder. On the streets thousands of people.

Shortly after the ceremony, fired at the green zone of Baghdad where the U.S. Embassy and government offices, and at the air force base, “Balad”, which housed the us military, was released two missiles. Also shelled a residential district of al-Jadriya.

As reported by Reuters, the Iraqi police near the U.S. Embassy fell type rocket “Katyusha”.

Media write about the five victims. Who fired at Baghdad, not yet reported.

On Saturday evening the Shiite militia, “al-Hashd al-SHAABI” said planning attack on base in Iraq used by the us military.

“Employees of the Iraqi security forces should keep a distance of at least a kilometre from the American military bases of the enemy since Sunday evening”, – quotes the statement of the group RIA Novosti.

Farewell to the dead General will last until Tuesday, and the militant rhetoric of Tehran, most likely, for a long time will deteriorate, amplifying public media and sotssetevyh accounts.

Its purpose is not so much to scare the enemies, how to bring people together in the face of uncertainty and to attract the doubters and skeptics, says columnist bi-Bi-si Liz Doucet.

The nickname “living Martyr” gave Soleimani, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Soleimani was considered the right hand of the Iranian leader and the second most influential man in Iran.

After his death the TV is trying to emphasize the closeness between Khamenei and killed. Revenge for Soleimani is presented as a mission given by the Ayatollah.

Khamenei said about revenge USA a few hours after the murder Soleimani, and during the day, the promise of vengeance became the official line of the Iranian authorities. Talking about revenge all the military officials and politicians who appear on Iranian TV.

Ramazan Sharif, a spokesman of the revolutionary Guards, which included led by Soleimani special forces “al-Quds”, could not hold back tears speaking about the death of the General.

“The joy of the Americans and Zionists will not last long and will turn to sadness,” – said the representative of the Guards.

Professor, University of Tehran Saeed Mohammed Morandi warned that citizens of Western countries, especially the US, it would be safer to leave the middle East ASAP.

Morandi and a few other experts have said that the murder Soleimani must put an end to the presence of the us military.

President Rouhani on Saturday visited the family of the murdered General (after the death of Soleimani assigned the higher rank of Lieutenant General). In the story of the visit of the President daughter Soleimani asking Rouhani when the death of their father will be avenged.

The hashtag “brutal revenge” (&1575;&1606;&1578;&1602;&1575;&1605;_&1587;&1582;&1578;) in the Iranian social networks used by the supporters of the regime. According to the service monitoring the BBC, the day of the death of General this hashtag tweeted 274 000 times, while the majority (78%) tweets with this hashtag were retweeted from.

“Upon closer inspection of the accounts reveals a suspicious, possibly coordinated activity. Many of them were established in December or January, have a similar photo in profile, signed to each other, and their names mostly consist of random letters and numbers. These accounts do not interact with other users,” reports the BBC monitoring service.

In some of these accounts there are no posts in addition to retweets hashtag “cruel revenge.”

However, there are users who seriously share the official line. In several tweets mentioned the US President Donald trump.