What will be the Sony PlayStation 5: all the details about the new console

Какой будет Sony PlayStation 5: все детали о новой приставке

The journalists The Verge, Sam Byford gathered all the relevant information about the PlayStation 5 and made his prediction as to how it will look in the future generation consoles. Reliable data are scarce, however, we can already draw a General picture.

Resource AIN.UA published a translation of the article from The Verge.

What is known about the Sony PlayStation 5

According to that PlayStation 5 will present in 2020, the game Studio has already received information about the specifications and features of the new console. Probably more details about the console will be available in March, after the conference, Game Developers Conference, which will gather together the press and representatives of the company Sony.

According to Byford, the Japanese company will put a lot of emphasis on the processor. Now this is the weak side of the console. The PlayStation 4 processor is built on the basis of eight-core AMD Jaguar. They are designed for inexpensive laptops and offer low power consumption and corresponding performance. This is the main reason why the framerate on the console does not rise above 30 fps.

The performance increase of the CPU – an obvious improvement. But how far will Sony, to limit the budget of approximately $ 400, is still unknown. In 2018, the publication Digital Foundry has predicted that Sony and Microsoft can use for their consoles, high-performance architecture AMD Zen. As the journalist of The Verge, this decision has significantly raised the bar for PC gaming.

Какой будет Sony PlayStation 5: все детали о новой приставке

Likely PlayStation 5 concept

However, to expect major improvements is the GPU in the console is not worth it.

Another point that emphasizes Byford – backward compatibility. X releasing the Xbox One, Microsoft showed what happens if you run games of last generation on consoles of new generation. Sony will try to repeat this trick. The company will need to ensure the compatibility of games with the PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 5. However, the transition from the PlayStation 3, the company was unable to achieve this due to difficulties when emulating an outdated processor.

If the millions of users of PlayStation 4 will be cut off from my library of games, it will hurt the success of the new console. The first cross-platform releases may become the Death of Stranding, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima.

Game trailer The Last of Us Part II – watch videos

One obvious area of investment for Sony’s cloud – gaming. The company was a pioneer in the field, but PlayStation Now is evolving at a slow pace and lagging behind the capabilities of Xbox Game Pass. Probably with the release of the new generation, change will overtake and subscription service.

The release date of the Sony PlayStation 5

Sony has evaded a direct answer to the question of the date of the announcement of the PlayStation 5. CEO Kenichiro Yoshida previously said that a new generation of devices must be released.

But the estimated date is already looming. Employee portal Kotaku Jason Schreier expects to release the console in 2020. This period highlights and financial statements Sony. In March 2021, the company forecasts a significant drop in income – most likely, the recession will provoke the production costs.

Another marker in favor of 2020 – story. Between the release of the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 it has been nearly seven years, as many fans have been waiting for the release of the PlayStation 4. This generation, which debuted in late 2013, will probably set the same expectations. So the festive season 2020 – the most likely time of the release of the PlayStation 5.

Какой будет Sony PlayStation 5: все детали о новой приставке

PlayStation 5 can you imagine in 2019

However, there is a small probability that the PlayStation 5 could debut in 2019. The French portal Jeuxvideo reported that Microsoft is planning to introduce to the world a new generation of Xbox is already at E3 2019. According to this same edition, we will see just two versions of the “box” premium Anaconda and Lockhart – the entry-level device without a Blu-ray player.

Of course, all this is speculation. However, if Microsoft will show a new generation of its console this year, Sony will have no choice but to do the same.

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