What will happen to health if you daily eat tomatoes

Что случится со здоровьем, если ежедневно есть помидоры

Season starts real, not greenhouse tomatoes and I begin to eat them every day in many different forms. Tomatoes are generally present in my diet all year round. In the winter I freeze, and occasionally buy fresh, greenhouse. But from June to October, I’m eating tomatoes in large quantities and I want to tell you why and how it affects my body.

A few years ago a cardiologist told me to eat regularly tomatoes. He said that they contain a lot of potassium, vitamin a and lycopene that can support the heart muscle, improve the cardiovascular system in General and lower cholesterol.

The doctor cited the example of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean who eat a lot of tomatoes, and they are slimmer and healthier residents, for example, Northern Europe. I believed the doctor, the more I love tomatoes and eat with pleasure, and are now trying to use them more.

From personal experience I can say that tomatoes are perfectly affect digestion. However, in summer, eating many more vegetables, fruits, berries, and so the chair does not happen. But in winter, they improve the process of cleansing the body. Even the tomatoes allow to lose weight. Not in vain there is even a tomato diet and fasting days. Tomatoes are very low in calories, but the acids that help to break down fat. Still they have a lot of fiber, so that the tomatoes help to curb your appetite and feel full without adding caloric content to the diet.

Recently read a study showing that tomatoes are combined with vegetable oils is an excellent means of preventing cancer. Rich in b vitamins, tomatoes have a low glycemic index and is shown to eat people with high sugar.

Due to its antioxidant properties, tomatoes are well-affect the state of the cells of the body, so its regular consumption helps to improve skin condition.

In General, the tomato is a wonderful product: very tasty and healthy. It is interesting that the tomatoes do not lose their benefits even after the heat treatment, and some properties even stronger. The only thing that thermal processing increases the glycemic index of the product.

Still have tomatoes to eat and contraindications. Not recommended to abuse the tomatoes to people with gastritis and ulcer, as well as those who have kidney problems.

I continue to have daily 100 to 500 grams of tomatoes a day and feel great. Do you like tomatoes? How often do you eat them?