What will happen to the hryvnia in 2019: prepare for the unexpected

Что ждет гривну в 2019 году: приготовьтесь к неожиданному

Experts said the reasons, according to which the Ukrainian hryvnia continues to strengthen against foreign currencies, according to the portal “Znaj.UA”.

There is such a thing as seasonality in foreign exchange rates. It can be with relative ease to keep track of when the national currency is strong, and when the torque is inferior to its foreign analogues. This concept allows to make predictions for the future and to understand what to expect currencies in the near future.

However, all the processes that occur with the hryvnia, which is closely related to the economy of Ukraine. And because the seasonality of exchange rates in recent time is not an absolute indicator when trying to understand what the national currency weakens or strengthens. In the near future dynamics, which will fluctuate the exchange rates, will determine the schedule of repayment of Ukraine’s debts to foreign investors.

The hryvnia is unpredictable

As you know, in 2019, the year Ukraine should return to more than nine billion dollars. “Usually in the winter in Ukraine, the hryvnia depreciated. In the spring and summer and Vice versa. Over the last three years, the seasonality of exchange rates was dictated by the phenomenon known as the seasonality of our economy, mainly raw materials. Farmers in the spring sowing campaign. They sell foreign exchange reserves to Finance it. In the summer lull. In the autumn farmers are buying dollars and withdrawal of capital abroad. We used to have a stabilizer in the industry. Now this factor has virtually disappeared”, – explained the expert.