What will happen to the network Celentano and Hineline due to coronavirus crisis in Melitopol

Что произойдет с сетью Челентано и Хинкальня из-за коронавирусного кризиса в Мелитополе

Catering in Melitopol today are experiencing difficult times. During the epidemic they are 1.5 months practically did not work. A large part of retrenched people who came to the employment center, was dismissed from the sphere of restaurant business. And today, when quarantine measures possibley wanting to go for cafes and restaurants is not much. How is going to survive the network of franchising projects: cafe Celentano, Croissant, Hineline, AROMA KAVA. Who will survive and who will be closed because of the crisis.

With these questions we addressed to Cyril Zelenova, CEO and co-founder of D&K group, which includes all of the above projects. Network Celentano, Hineline, Croissant, AROMA KAVA works not only in Odessa, but in Kiev, in Lviv, Dnieper. So Cyril Zelenova have something to compare, how did you survive the quarantine network objects of a public catering.

He believes that in the current conditions of the economy will survive those who are able to negotiate.

– The realization that the market has another will come later for all. A month and a half, when we were conditionally closed, each reacted differently to the quarantine. Someone just closed and not working. She has generated ideas for survival. And it made the team stronger. In Melitopol quarantine measures were more loyal than in the Dnieper, Lviv, Kyiv and Cherkasy. I monitor this situation. In the cities of Melitopol and Odessa to quarantine restrictions were treated quite well. And today, when adopted of the quarantine breaks, there is a pent-up demand for services of public catering. Activation after quarantine there, but it cannot be compared to what it was before the quarantine. Our facilities are closed on 16 March in all the cities. Before April 1 we at some point made the delivery. But the speed dropped 7 times. Now our total turnover is 3 times less than it was before the crisis, notes Kirill Zelenov.

Reasons why people ceased to visit the café several. There are those who are still afraid of social contact. But such units. Largely due to the lack of financial resources people do not visit catering establishments. After all, it is not the object of the first necessity. In the cafe people walk more for fun.

As will be further developed, the situation is also difficult to predict, says CEO and co-founder of D&K group. After all, in the autumn forecast of the second wave of the epidemic of the coronavirus. In addition, Melitopol characterized by a certain seasonality of earnings. But today in our region to quarantine added other risks – fruit harvest, the relative drought of summer is expected.

– And in September-October the second wave of the quarantine. We hope to recover at least 80% of the speed that was last year. No one speaks about growth, – said Kirill Zelenov.

All of the above a café in Melitopol work and close at this stage is not going to. Although at the time of the quarantine had to solve the issue and the relaxation of the rent, was the threat from the electricity supplier to disconnect objects.

– We are over the half of the month have kept the team looked for new opportunities. Stabilize the situation on payments, we have created new types of products: dumplings called “Lepota”, launched the project delivery of products to the restaurant business. The business was faced with a payments crisis: a problem with the rent, wages and raw material suppliers it is for payments. The ability to negotiate with partners and determines the survival of the business. Today, small private cafes are closing faster than franchising projects. As managers of the Central office generate solutions for restaurateurs and help to survive. It is observed in TM Celentano, Hineline, Croissant in Melitopol, – said Kirill Zelenov.