What will the monetization of subsidies?

Что нам даст монетизация субсидий?

From 1 January in Ukraine began to operate a program of monetization of subsidies. Dnieper lawyer Yulia Shcherbina explained the essence of the new program, what is the procedure for registration monetizirovat subsidies. Does this mean that people will start to get subsidies instead of a virtual “live” money. What is the advantage of the new form of compensation for payment of housing and communal services.

From the first of January this year in Ukraine came into force the legislative changes that govern the order of appointment to the citizens compensation for the cost of services of housing and utilities subsidies, she said. – From the first of January began operating the first phase of this program. All first-time applying for a grant, it is appointed in Montesilvano. To do this, as in the appointment of the regular grant before, contact the territorial Department of labour and social protection, a statement, a Declaration of income of all family members. Management, reviewing the information and confirming that they comply with the right to grant, transmits these data to the Bank. There is formed an account of the citizen.

Providing services of the municipal enterprise shall send to the Bank information on the required payments for services. The Bank also covers part of these amounts due to the allocated grants. The citizen in the electronic personal account to see what services are covered by grants and how much is provided by government funds remained on account of his monetizirovat subsidies.

In this balance lies the main mystery, and perhaps the main surprise of the new program. The state promises that if the recipient of the subsidy and his savings saved part of the funds assigned for repayment of expenses for heating by gas or electricity, you can receive the money in your personal Bank account.

But whether so in reality or it is a beautiful campaign promises, to tell difficult.

– Can’t predict – frankly told Yulia Shcherbina. Only after testing this program during the year, it will be possible to say how effective it is and what benefit it will give people.

Since may of this year will begin the second phase of the monetization of subsidies. Then in this way will be to arrange compensation for those who had already applied for the subsidy in 2018.

As of 1 October this year will start the final, third phase of the program. Then monetized subsidies transferred all assigned to such payments, and previously circulated, and new applicants.

In all other matters (are there any limitations to the subvention which data needs to be specified in the documents, and so on) the procedure for obtaining the subsidy is unchanged.

According to experts, from-for existing restrictions and requirements the number of recipients of subsidies in the river and in the Dnipropetrovsk region decreased by approximately 20%.

Author: Konstantin Shrub