What will the Premier League next season: the team decided on the format of the championship

Какой будет УПЛ в следующем сезоне: команды определились с форматом чемпионата

From the 2020/21 season in the Premier League will be more teams instead of 12 will be 14 participants. This change has led to the need to change the format of the tournament.

As it is now?

This season teams play in two stages. The first stage of the game in two rounds (22 rounds). The second stage – teams are divided into two teams and play two rounds (10 rounds). The top six plays for winning the League and qualifying for European competitions, the bottom six for the preservation of a place in the Premier League. In General, the teams in the League played 32 matches.

However, the next season will be 14 teams. Therefore it was necessary to agree on the new format of the tournament.

What’s on offer?

There are three probable tournament format

Classic championship in two rounds (26 matchdays);
The championship is in two phases: the game in two rounds and split two sevens (round of 32);
The championship is in two phases: the game in two rounds and split into three groups (4, 4, and 6 teams; 6 teams in one round, 4 teams would play in two rounds) (31/32 round).

What’d you get?

According to Sport Arena, Favbet League 2020/21 will be held at the classic formula in two rounds. This option lean most teams in the Premier League. However, the final version should be adopted at the meetings of the clubs later.