What will trigger the collapse of Russia: the opinion of the former Deputy of the Duma – 24 Channel

Що спровокує крах Росії: думка екс-депутата Думи - 24 Канал

Internal, not external policy of the Kremlin will soon lead to the collapse of Russia, since the Kremlin is predatory policies against their regions and conducting the unpopular social policy of the country.

This opinion was expressed by the former Deputy of the state Duma of Russia Ilya Ponomarev, reports “Glavred”.

According to him, the reason for the imminent death of Russia is not Moscow’s intervention in the internal Affairs of other countries.

“Unfortunately, I think the more, the more is the probability of disintegration of Russia. Of course, I am not in delight from such a perspective nor from the point of view of a Russian man who cares about his country, nor from the point of view of the neighbours, who after the implementation of this scenario will be a little tight” – said the politician.

At the same time, Ponomarev said that the Kremlin is predatory policy towards its regions, and this will eventually provoke the collapse of Russia.

“However, the cause of this will not the military operation PMCs “Wagner” and the like, and anti-national social policy in the country, the impoverishment of ordinary people and the predatory policies of Moscow, which grows fat, the ratio of regions of Russia”, – he concluded.

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