What you need to do, if you urgently need to sober up

Что необходимо сделать, если надо срочно протрезветь

If the dose of alcohol was too great, quickly sober up in several ways.

To stop the absorption of ethanol into the blood

You can use the treatment: taking activated charcoal, Enterosgel, POLYSORB or other similar drug. He “collect” ethyl alcohol remaining in the stomach and not had time to be absorbed into the blood. 1-2 hours after taking the drug need to empty the bowel.

Another option is gastric lavage (to induce vomiting). If a person is sick, no need to stop retching. If no nausea, stomach wash better under the supervision of a physician (lavage may be dangerous if ulcer, gastritis, and other conditions).

To speed up the withdrawal of ethyl alcohol

For this you need to drink fluids. Alcohol dehydrates, causing the pressure increases, deteriorating health. To restore the normal water-salt balance, you need to drink water. You can add lemon juice and honey. Drinking coffee or tea is not necessary – it increases the load on the internal organs and the cardiovascular system.

During strong intoxication or acute alcohol poisoning ethanol output is better with the detox process, causing the psychiatrist at home or in a specialized clinic. This is to avoid the development of complications that threaten the life and health of a person.

To normalize health

Well, if you have the opportunity to get some fresh air, go for a walk. Undesirable to stay in a stuffy, hot places. You can take ascorbic acid, preparations containing succinic acid, an analgesic drug (better doctor). If you have time, you should lie down, sleep for a few hours in a well ventilated room.

During strong intoxication it is not necessary to take a cold shower or go in the sauna, steam room. This will increase the load on the cardiovascular system. For this reason, unwanted physical exertion. Do not drink soft drinks, take stimulating drugs it can be dangerous.