What’s with the hair? Todorenko surprised by the change of image

Что с волосами? Тодоренко удивила сменой имиджа

As you know, Todorenko to the last shot of the show “Friday” and doing their projects even during the quarantine. Today, the star said, why continues to do so and told about the intentions for the next working days.

Under the stylish picture in which Regina posed with a brilliant make-up and neatly stacked smooth hair, the star expressed concern over the situation. Moreover, users ‘ attention was also drawn to not the signature on the new post, and the hair of the stars.

Regina said, since she would never want to stay away from work, she actively monitors the media, noting that once the information field continues to work, then it’s not so bad.

“the telly Internet radio still working… after all of the above means that we will remain in the information field! So I try to be as helpful as possible and to shoot the needed scenes! Tell us you are already on the quarantine go still work? coronavirus,” wrote Todorenko.

Что с волосами? Тодоренко удивила сменой имиджа