WhatsApp expands the geography of countries where remittances in the application

WhatsApp расширяет географию стран, в которых доступны денежные переводы в приложении

Today the inhabitants of Brazil had the opportunity to make money transfers directly to the WhatsApp application. In a press release the company says that this feature is implemented on the platform of Facebook Pay. Users have the ability to send money from business accounts WhatsApp. This function is primarily intended to facilitate payments to small businesses.

WhatsApp reports that the payments, is absolutely safe and the transaction will need to verify your identity by using fingerprint or the six-digit password. At the moment payment via WhatsApp supported debit and credit cards Visa and MasterCard, issued by several large Brazilian banks. It is reported that the transfer between private individuals, the Commission for the operation of PAYE will not.

As is known, the transfer of funds in WhatsApp, became available for residents of India in the year 2018 on a test basis. The fact that the service was successfully launched in Brazil, gives hope that in the near future the transfer of money via the popular messaging app will be available in other countries. In order to enter the financial services market, the company must obtain permission from local authorities, which takes some time.

It is reported that in the near future the possibility of money transfer in WhatsApp will be available in several countries, however, the company hasn’t specified what.