When applying for a visa you now need to enter your social network

При подаче документов на визу США теперь нужно указывать свои соцсети

An exception is made only for certain categories.

When applying for a visa now will need to provide links to their social network, writes the Associated Press. This requirement will apply to nearly all applicants, with the exception of some categories, such as diplomats and officials.

Under the new rules, you need to also specify the email address that is used by the applicant in the last five years, telephone numbers, status of the trip and deportations, as well as information about the involvement of relatives to the terrorist organisations.

Last year when these plans were first announced, American officials have stated that they will affect nearly 15 million people.

Before social networks, email addresses and telephone numbers requested are only individual applicants, for example, those who traveled to the territory controlled by terrorist organizations. Under this requirement came about 65 thousand people a year.

The state Department has announced that it has updated the forms for immigrant and non-immigrant visa. There are now requests additional information, including “the identifiers in social networks”, most of applying for us visa.