When he drinks?

Когда же он нажрется?

The mayor of the state-millionaire Minko is increasing, but it still raises the salary itself. As stated in his Declaration.

Melitopol mayor is a millionaire, a supporter of poroshenkovskih schemes embezzlement Minko demonstrated their income and assets. And if real estate and land from the mayor for the year, basically nothing happened, and the apartment in Melitopol 300 square meters for 5000 dollars so the price is not increased, it significantly increased the income Minko. Rather it is to say – not just grown, and in this Declaration flowed between him and the new young wife.

But if we talk about marriage Melitopol “plastic Ken” not the first freshness, you should immediately refer to a wonderful journey with his young wife to the Maldives. Strange, but a trip to a luxury resort which of course is more than 50 thousand are not reflected in the Declaration, nor Minko, nor his wife.

By the way about my wife. By age 19, the young melitopolska has managed to lend it to someone 125 thousand euros, which equivalente 3 million 375 thousand hryvnias. Thus, living with her poor husband, that young lady has to himself 165 thousand hryvnias. Apparently for small expenses.

Husband it still lends large amounts of money that most of his voters never dreamed of. According to the Declaration Minko loaned 275 thousand and $ 265 thousand euros. This means that he will return the money without any taxation. That is, the mayor would not have to pay tax on this income. Everyone understands that the mayor will return laundered stolen in fraud out of the budget. By the way, in the hands Minko is how he identified in the Declaration, 835 thousand UAH 150 thousand dollars and 14 thousand euros.

And of course last year is not poor Melitopol mayor managed to increase his beloved salary almost 2 times. Based on the Declaration, the official poroshenkovets last year received 391тысячу 572 hryvnia salary. That is, the mayor receives an average 32631 hryvnia per month. If we assume that Minko is working without weekends and holidays, it turns out that the taxpayers of the city pay the mayor of the city about 1000 hryvnias a day.

Well what can I say? Poroshenkovtsy power insolent to the edge and it becomes clear that neither Minko, nor anyone else from his team with such living conditions at the expense of others are not going to leave. They will continue to lie and eat without fear of being unmasked and choke.