When the Apple Watch will be able to read the ECG in Russia

Когда Apple Watch смогут снимать показания ЭКГ в России

This year Apple will introduce a new generation of the Apple Watch, returning to the version in ceramic design, and will also expand the programme of monitoring the condition of the heart through readings of the ECG. About it in a memo to investors, wrote analyst TF International Ming-Chi Kuo, known for the accuracy of their predictions. According to him, the release of smart watches and public release of the application, most likely, will take place in autumn, at the event dedicated to the release of new iPhone models.

Apple has made several attempts to release premium versions of their smart watches, trying to win over the fans of “Switzerland”. First, the company launched the production of gold-plated versions, which, however, did not use special demand because of the price of 17 thousand dollars and was soon withdrawn from sale. She replaced the white ceramic, which gained a little more popularity, but still unable to gain a foothold in the market and also has sunk into Oblivion.

Apple Watch Edition In 2019

Desire Apple to resume production of ceramic Apple Watch Edition likely stems from the appearance of the company a new way to body production of ceramics. It is likely that in Cupertino have figured out how to cheapen the whole process and thereby reduce the price of the premium version of a smart watch, making it much more popular than in the past. How will fall of its price in comparison with models of previous generations, yet too early to say.

ECG for the Apple Watch in Russia?

But more interesting for the average consumer not resuming the production of ceramic Apple Watch, and the increase in the number of countries in which the application will be available ECG. Despite the fact that it works only on the Apple Watch fourth generation, it has become one of the most desirable features branded smart hours from Apple. It is not known whether the function of the ECG in Russia this year, but given that Apple recently bought the domain names ecgapp.ru and ekgapp.ru there’s a strong possibility, Yes.