When the hospital intensive treatment methods will open

Когда больницу интенсивных методов лечения откроют

Hospital intensive treatment methods, which is created on the basis of the therapeutic building of the second city hospital, ready more than half. The opening of this medical institution is planned for the summer.

We will remind, large-scale reconstruction of the hospital intensive therapies launched in the past year. Intensive therapy here will be to patients cardiac, neurological, surgical and traumatological profiles. Roughly the cost of refurbishment of the hospital will amount to about 20 million. And to open its doors to patients, the medical institution will have in the summer.

– For today work in the intensive care unit, which will be located on the ground floor is completed by 80 %. On the third and fifth floors, they carried out more than 50 %. On the fourth floor of the repair is a little slower – there will be an operating unit. I think that within a month of work in one wing of the fourth floor we will finish, – said the Deputy mayor Ivan Fedorov.

He also added that before the hospital management and the contractor is tasked to coordinate schedules of the release of the second wing of the hospital and transfer of patients. It is assumed that after extensive renovation, the hospital will launch later in the summer.