When the new season of the Premier League: date of matches

Когда стартует новый сезон УПЛ: дата матчей

Когда стартует новый сезон УПЛ: дата матчей

Summer break in the Ukrainian football will be quite short. Already on 22 August, the start of the new season.

Cervice clubv UPL demobilise about those scho first round of the new championship bude 22 August (base date). About TSE powderly Sport Arena.

In total the championship bude Podlesny on TV run of Chastain – Onni vesnyani for 13 turv. Latest tour 2020 year Shruti 12 grudnia. Vanavasa championship 13 fierce. But the latest round of zaplanovano on 15 may.

Schodo of the super Cup of Ukraine, then vzhe as previously reported, scho Yogo planuoti to be held on 25 August. Final Cup of Ukraine of zaplanovano on 12 may 2021 rock. Yogo, poperednii, Prime Ternopil.

Varto dodati of scho odrazu after pershoho tour team znovu otpravlyatsya on break, Yak POV’yazana s matches zbro Ukraine. Our team the 6 3 veresnia SgrA match Play Nations against Svejcar Span respectively.

Ocrm also donatski “Shakhtar” for pewnych minds can propustiti the first round. Team vystupa have Ls Urope, fnal yakogo of zaplanovano on 21 August. In the case of the vihod “girnikiv” to fnalu, the command does not smoge Shruti Perche tour. After vzhe 25 August they occu match for the super Cup of Ukraine against Dynamo.

Note scho rsena clubv UPL povinn of Saturday in Ukraïnskiy Asian football.

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